Leitz Softpress Stapler Blue – 30 Sheet


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Stapler Leitz Softpress Flat Clinch 30 sheets

Sturdy and reliable stapler for everyday use. The patented Softpress Technology allows you to press the stapler anywhere to take all the effort out of stapling for a smooth and easy stapling in-hand or on the desk. It requires up to 60% less effort than a Leitz standard stapler. Flat Clinch technology saves up to 40% file space. Patented Direct Impact Technology and Leitz Softpress staples ensure perfect stapling every time.

  • Staples up to 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm).
  • Smooth, effortless stapling wherever you press thanks to patented Softpress Technology – saves you up to 60% of effort compared to a Leitz standard stapler.
  • Perfect, accurate stapling with patented Direct Impact Technology.
  • Innovative Flat Clinch technology saves up to 40% file space.
  • For Leitz Softpress staples, staples pack included.
  • To use with Leitz Softpress staples – always sharp edges due to ongoing quality checks – for perfect stapling.
  • 10-year guarantee when using Leitz staples.




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