Fellowes Galaxy 500 Comb Binder


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The Galaxy 500 Comb Binder from Fellowes is designed for heavy use by multiple users in a large office environment.

First impressions are important. When you’ve worked hard on a project and invested time and effort into your presentation, you need to give it the professional finish it deserves to make the greatest impact.

The plastic binding is the most versatile also cost effective, but the stronger wire bind has the added feature of the document being able to go completely around the wire, ideal for binding hanging calendars and planners. Comb Binding is also the recommended method of binding for university disserations.

. Punch Method: Manual
. Binding Capacity: 500
. Comb Size: 50mm
. Punch Capacity: 25
. Bindng System: Comb
. Comb Opener: Yes




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