Faber Castell Goldfaber Colour Pencil – Dark Cadmium Yellow


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    • Colour pencil.
    • 3.3 mm lead.
    • Excellent lightfastness.
    • Soft.
    • vibrant colour laydown.
    • Highly pigmented.
    • Water-resistant and smudge-proof.
    • High break resistance due to secural bonding process (SV).
    • Easy to sharpen with all normal pencil sharpeners.
    • Colour 108 Dark Cadmium Yellow.

    The Goldfaber colour pencils have a wonderfully soft and intense colour laydown and convince with their outstanding colour brilliance. High-quality materials and manufacturing with the most innovative production technology provide maximum break resistance, an excellent lightfastness and an optimal painting effect of the water-resistant and smudgeproof lead. Quick sketches, lively hatching or evenly shaded colour gradients – all drawing techniques can be achieved effortlessly.


Faber Castell


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